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I was born in 1972 in Switzerland. At about 15 years old I began painting on several supports like T-shirts and leather jackets with the airbrush and paint-brushes. When I was 20 years old I began collecting pinup calendars and gatefolds of WWII artists such as Varga, Petty and Elvgren. I also became mad on WWII aircrafts and from then this virus is boiling in my veins. Short after I was given a B17 part on which I painted a reproduction of famous "Memphis Belle" (shown in the PinUp Section).

This experience drove me to search by myself parts of WWII aircrafts. I knew that during WWII many aircrafts had landed or crashed in Switzerland. Thanks to long researches and many "ballads" in the Swiss Alps I finally found 2 B17s crash sites on which there were still big scraps of wrecks (after more than 50 years !). At this epoch I also succeeded and received my PPL (Private pilot license).

With my Art I try to give these pieces of history a "second life", as hobby and passion.

My regular job is in fact far away from my passion, because I am a pharmacist !




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