Dear Pin-Up fan, you can already view below some calendars from my collection. I have to scan all the missing calendars, which will as soon as possible be shown in this section. There will also be a Gatefold category with artworks from Alberto Vargas and George Petty including the two famous pin-ups in bunny costumes who inspired Hugh Hefner as he said for the Playboy Bunny, and pin-ups who inspired Nose Artists such as Tony Starcer.

Enjoy looking at these Everlasting Beauties !

Click on a sleeve to see the calendar inside it !


Alberto Vargas 1941 Calendar Alberto Vargas 1943 Calendar Alberto Vargas 1944 Calendar Alberto Vargas 1945 Calendar
Alberto Vargas 1941 Alberto Vargas 1943 Alberto Vargas 1944 Alberto Vargas 1945
Alberto Vargas 1946 Calendar Alberto Vargas 1947 Calendar Alberto Vargas 1948 Calendar Alberto Vargas Playing Cards
Alberto Vargas 1946 Alberto Vargas 1947 Alberto Vargas 1948 Vargas Girls Playing Cards
George Petty 1947 Calendar George Petty 1948 Calendar George Petty 1955 Calendar George Petty 1956 Calendar
George Petty 1947 George Petty 1948 George Petty 1955 George Petty 1956
Esquire Girl 1950 Calendar Esquire Girl 1951 Calendar Ballyhoo 1952 Calendar
The 1949 Deluxe Esquire Girl Calendar Esquire Girl 1950 Calendar Esquire Girl 1951 Calendar Ballyhoo Calendar 1952
Ballyhoo 1953 Calendar    
Ballyhoo Pin-Up Calendar for 1953 Elvgren's 52 American Beauties Playing Cards    


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